Wild stallion

The Wild stallion is an iconic symbol of the American West and can be found in this slot game. Whether you are looking for a new online casino to play or just want to spice things up, this slot has it all! This slot features an interesting base game, scatter symbols, and free spins. In the base game, the Wild Stallion symbol appears as a golden horseshoe. When it appears, it will act as a substitute for all symbols except for the scatter symbol. When it appears on a payline, it can be worth as much as 200 coins. Matching two wilds will also pay three coins.

Wild Stallion is set on a rustic wooden reel structure in front of a wooden gate. The reels are decorated with various objects that are representative of the wild west, while the backdrop is an expanse of hot desert. The reels roll with tumble weeds and other flora, and the soundtrack features traditional Western instruments such as strumming acoustic guitars, drums, and harmonicas.

The story is set in the wilds of Utah. The film starts as a young boy who lost his white colt at an early age. As he grows up, he is trained to hunt horses and eventually takes on the role of a horse hunter in the Army. In order to find his missing white colt, he must hunt it down, and he must rescue it from the hands of the Cavalry, who want to ride it.